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  Welcome to the Biology Image Library

Publisher of images in areas of biomedical research including images from BioMed Central's journals

Featured images & movies

Interaction between Rhodococcus equi bacillary forms and human lung epithelial A549 cells
Timema poppensis on Redwood
© Moritz Muschick
Zebrafish embryonic development at single cell resolution
© Fengzhu Xiong
Two-minded Xenopus laevis tadpole; anterior axis duplication
© Mike Klymkowsky
Composite immunofluorescence image of a bisected cystic kidney
© University of California, Santa Barbara
Crosstalk between human DC-cells and T-cells
© Helmholz Centre for Infection Research/Dr. M. Rohde
Embyonic dorsal root ganglion cultured in 2D
© Simon Hippenmeyer and Silvia Arber
Two-spotted spider mite embryo
© Peter Dearden
Propagation waves during the aggregation of Dictyostelium discoideum
© Kei Inouye
Enabled localizes to the leading edge and focal adhesions in chick fibroblasts
© Jeff Miller
Movement of an amoeba cell
© Robert Insall
Cortical astrocyte from embryonic rat brain in cell culture
© Yale University
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